Dental Implant Biocompatibility Replacement Protocol

Biocompatibility Events

Biocompatibility dynamics with nearly all products used in routine dental treatments, bone and tissue grafting and implant surgeries are different for nearly all patients.

Titanium, for example, was incorporated into dentistry to replace the once common use of stainless steel products that had proven to cause treatment issues for many patients. Biocompatibility will always remain a potential issue for many patients.

Dr. Brant long ago developed a monitoring process and protocol that is designed to detect hints of incompatibility events before they impact patient treatments.

The old fashioned “wait and see” approach for monitoring post treatment progress is a follow up method that does nothing to correct a potential or suspected issue that will cause a treatment failure if not treated.

Technology Changes Prevent Outright Failure

In this video two dental implants were swapped before suspected, sure signs of failure occurred. The extraction process shows the existence of healthy bone and soft tissues at both implant sites.

Extremely subtle nuances of tissue conditions prompted Dr. Brant to provide the replacements of implant devices that showed hints of incompatibility.

Completed in about an hour, the patient’s bridge was reinstalled (screw retained) into a configuration of implants that delivered more support and more bone health optimization than before…. while eliminating the biocompatibility issue.

Portions of the sound track during treatment were retained in this video to reflect the absence of discomfort and the patient’s casual conversations during the replacement procedure.

No “Wait and See”

Treatments that end in abrupt failure are events that should be routinely avoided whenever possible.

Dr. Brant’s proprietary methods of monitoring bone grafting and implant surgeries were developed from years of surgical experience and his working knowledge of differences in bioengineering of the wide array of dental implant systems available to dentists and implant surgeons today.

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