CT Scan Diagnostics: Understanding Treatment Plans

Professional discussion of a 3D CT Scan generated with an I-Cat cone beam scanner and interpreted with Simplant software. The patient is taught to read and comprehend the images to facilitate an immediate understanding of his current dental needs.

Discussion about significant bone loss, ongoing bone tissue deterioration and the existence of old root tips left behind from a previous extraction forms the basis of a routine comprehensive examination that combines a treatment planning element as the scan is reviewed.

Patients who learn the basic elements of scan interpretation (easier than old fashioned xrays) are better able to make treatment decisions, in most cases, and especially appreciate why, when considering reconstructive components used in dentistry, there is a logical progression from one treatment to the next.

Most patients learn that while restorative dentistry can be achieved with different products and procedures, the reconstructive aspects should only be done one way… the best way, as defined by the dental surgeon and reflected in the needed changes presented by the CT Scan.

Within just a few minutes of learning how to read a CT Scan image on a computer, our patients can now see and fully understand what their treatment needs are and are able to more easily select which treatment plan they prefer to use.

No more Guesswork

Common “guesswork” that used to accompany the use of old fashioned dental xrays is eliminated with Dr. Brant’s CT Scans.

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