Tori Removal Procedure

Exostosis (a.k.a. tori) is essentially a benign growth of bone that can develop along the sides of the jaw bones. Very popular locations for these bony outgrowths are the tongue side of the lower jaw and cheek side of the upper jaw.

These bone growths can be the body’s way of responding to abnormally high biting pressures. The added biting stress signals the body to create more bone.

The tissue is usually very thin and can become easily ulcerated from certain foods. Improved patient comfort is an acceptable reason to perform this elimination of these bony outgrowths.

In addition, deposits of bone can alter the ability to properly maintain the health of the gum and can contribute to the initiation or progression of periodontal disease. Removal of these bony outgrowths is expected to prolong the life of the teeth in the affected area.

For this patient, the bone surfaces were exposed along the sites of the extra bone growth. Special instruments were used to remove the excess bone and recreate the normal bone characteristics that the patient was supposed to have.

Normal contours of the bone will enable normal contours of the gum tissue which improves the outlook for these teeth.

Soft and hard tissue grafts were used as needed to replace any lost bone and gingiva.

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