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With the latest advancements in dentistry, no one should feel self-conscious about their smile, their comfort, or their ability to eat certain foods. If you are missing a single tooth or many teeth, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Long Island Dental Implants

Brånemark System – The Gold Standard

Implant Dentistry, as a procedure (or constellation of procedures) has been employed since about 1965.

The founder or original developer of the procedure and a variety of the components used in dental implants, Dr. P-I Brånemark, developed what is considered to be the “Gold Standard” of modern implant dentistry. The Brånemark System® of Nobel Biocare.

Dr. Brant uses a variety of proven implant technologies for replacing individual teeth, replacing several teeth, creating implant anchors for premium bridges and custom hybrid Bridges. Dr. Brant only uses top quality brand name implant systems from world leading dental implant manufacturers like Straumann and Astra. Patients can be assured that “knock off” or “copy-cat” dental implants without long term research will not be used in their mouths.

Our implant patients are thereby assured of receiving the best that implant dentistry technologies can provide… with the assurance that their dentistry outcomes will endure for years to come. Additional implant photos can be found here.

Dental Implant Teeth in 1 Day

Edward Brant, DDS, MS | Saint James, NY

Edward Brant, DDS, MS | Saint James, NY

One of the more recent, cutting edge technologies now available to many patients is Immediate Load or Immediate Placement dental implants.

This unique procedure enables patients to be fitted for new teeth on the same day (or within 2 days for some cases) the implant device is installed.

There is no typical 3-6 month waiting period for the implant site to heal or stabilize via osseointegration (titanium implant post fuses with jawbone).

Traditional Implant Dentistry

Dr. Brant provides the more traditional implant procedures for those patients who are not candidates for Immediate Load implants. Dental implants represent the “procedure of choice” for many of our patients.. enabling them to enjoy the natural feeling, dental (muscular) function and aesthetic appearance that is unattainable with any other dental procedure.

Candidates for implant based tooth (or teeth) replacement are provided with the information that should be known regarding how different types of implant materials are used for anterior (front) tooth replacement, implants for anchoring various types of bridgework and implant elements for posterior (back) teeth and molars. There is no “one-size-fits-all” concept in implant technologies and procedures.

Patients seeking additional information or details about specialized treatment sessions or appointments are invited to contact Dr. Brant directly via our on-line Ask The Dentist form during or after usual business hours.

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Dr. Brant can provide examples of how executives from a variety of industries and institutions are provided with a custom utilization of our services to deliver treatment outcomes for nearly any kind of time schedule.

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