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With the latest advancements in dentistry, no one should feel self-conscious about their smile, their comfort, or their ability to eat certain foods. If you are missing a single tooth or many teeth, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Executive Dentistry

Executive Reconstructive Implant and Periodontics

Scheduling appointments for routine dentistry or special treatments can be difficult for nearly anyone because of work schedules, transportation, family size and school schedules.

There is a special population of patients however that seems to have more difficulties in seeing a dentist than any other group. Not surprisingly, these patients tend to accumulate worst case examples of how rapidly overall dentition can deteriorate.

No Time

Business owners, entrepreneurs, independent consultants, medical professionals, college or university staff, and especially – for our local area, high profile executives and itinerant military officials and their families that seem to spend more time in their offices or in traveling can’t get what they need when it is needed the most.

Long hours with unrelenting schedules for meetings, consultations, salaried work schedules (no simple 9 to 5 stuff) and what seems like back to back travel doesn’t leave much time for the family and even less for the dentist.

When routine dental needs arise…. they are seldom addressed. Instead, routine dentistry (left untreated) will slowly develop into crisis oriented dental treatment needs.

The differences in impact are considerably different between younger and older adults, however.

High Visibility

Patients with professional careers or extreme executive function tend to have a cosmetic need that assures they are comfortable with their appearance either in interactions where they are the focus of large groups of people (public speaking) or where interactions are face to face or on a one to one basis.

Public speakers and those involved in the education fields represent perhaps the largest group of patients who want the confidence that is needed to maintain the attention of a large audience.

Professional people who are involved in day long face to face relationships are often painfully aware of the distractions that can arise during expressive conversations.

Most of us who have had this experience at one time or other learn the usual techniques of covering our smile, holding back a healthy grin or (for the men) even grow a thick moustache in an effort to keep our dental issues private.

Work Schedule Accommodations

Patients who have the least amount of time for what seems to be a considerable amount of dentistry (multiple cosmetic or reconstructive procedures) are usually accommodated with special appointments.

Uninterrupted extended appointments are routinely arranged during or after hours for patients during the normal work week

Special weekend, Saturday appointments are available for patients with even more demanding work schedules that provide almost no flexibility in scheduling.

Dr. Brant’s ability to schedule private weekend appointment blocks enables patients with overflowing work schedules or active lifestyles to obtain needed treatments with the least amount of appointments and least inconvenience.

Conscious Sedation services are a popular treatment choice for patients who really hate dentistry, have trouble making time for it and simply want the best experience from a private appointment. Read our Sedation material for more details of benefits.

Patients seeking additional information or details about specialized treatment sessions or appointments are invited to contact Dr. Brant directly via our on-line Ask The Dentist form during or after usual business hours.

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Dr. Brant can provide examples of how executives from a variety of industries and institutions are provided with a custom utilization of our services to deliver treatment outcomes for nearly any kind of time schedule.

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