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Periodontal Hyperplasia: Gummy Smiles

Edward Brant, DDS, MS | Saint James, NY

Excess – Unwanted Gingiva Tissue

Gum Tissue Overgrowth: Causes

One of the most common occurrences of excess gum tissue seen today is typically associated with youngsters and teenagers wearing orthodontic appliances.

The brackets and wires interfere significantly with normal oral hygiene. Without specialized oral hygiene products (solutions, water irrigation devices, e.g., WaterPik) or additional “sense of purpose” many patients will experience a frustrating overgrowth of tissue.

Certain medications can also accelerate the growth of unwanted gum tissue (e.g., diabetic medications, seizure meds, etc.) while for other patients a gummy smile can be a natural endowment of familial genetics.

Tooth structures that have not fully erupted and the failure of primary teeth being replaced by secondary adult teeth can also routinely cause the gummy smile appearance.

Edward Brant, DDS, MS | Saint James, NY

Self Cauterizing Tissue Ablating

Gum Tissue Laser Treatment

Popular Gum Laser Contouring

Soft tissue lasers have long been the technology of choice for performing a variety of periodontal procedures in our office. No other technology offers the precision and treatment comfort that is the hallmark of advanced lasers.

Practically painless and self cauterizing, laser tissue modification minimizes the risk of exposure, infection complications and nearly eliminates unusual scarring. Many patients complete a gingival tissue or gummy smile makeover with degrees of success that are second only to the handiwork of Mother Nature.

Edward Brant, DDS, MS | Saint James, NY

One Week Post Operative Healing

Gingiva Contouring and Crown Lengthening

Gingival overgrowth or the appearance of it that is associated with developmental or maturational events (rather than medication events, for example) oftentimes have a minor need for modifying the bone structure or edges at the gum line (Cemento Enamel Junction).

The experienced gum laser specialist (periodontist, cosmetic laser dentist) routinely assesses the need for this type of hard tissue modification, producing very natural results.

The failure to perform an analysis and treatment of the CEJ (as needed) creates outcomes that can destroy the papilla tissue. The gum line or individual arching over each tooth can appear abrupt and, for some patients, have an inflamed and/or puffy appearance.

Cosmetically, unnatural appearing or “lost” papilla tissue can obliterate the cosmetic “gestalt” of an entire upper or lower arch, which patients normally report as feeling or looking like fake teeth. The preservation of natural papilla is critical for crown and veneer dentistry.

Edward Brant, DDS, MS | Saint James, NY

Final Gum Contouring Outcome

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