Full Arch Fixed Bridge

Tooth Replacements

Many reconstructive periodontists and dentists advocate the use of 6 strategically located dental implants to provide rock solid stability and long term endurance of fixed bridgework that nearly mimics what Mother Nature provides.

Dr. Brants routine use of trend setting Nobel Biocare components, from implant devices to bridgework infrastructures (titanium, gold, etc), assure his patients and other reconstructive dentists that nothing is spared when seeking the most advanced technologies available for meeting whatever functional goal or cosmetic goal (or both) is required.

This brief animation highlights the approximate locations across the maxilla that have consistently proven to provide the best distribution of biting forces that can promise life long endurance for many patients.

Our CT Scan diagnostic and CAD/CAM design services assures precision tooth replacement dentistry that is virtually unattainable using outdated implant dentistry treatment protocols.

Dr. Brant’s full integration of the Nobel Biocare product line and leading edge bone augmentation procedures enables the use of implant treatment solutions that were considered impossible just a few years ago.

Patients seeking additional information or details about specialized treatment sessions or appointments are invited to contact Dr. Brant directly via our on-line Ask The Dentist form during or after usual business hours.

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Dr. Brant can provide examples of how executives from a variety of industries and institutions are provided with a custom utilization of our services to deliver treatment outcomes for nearly any kind of time schedule.

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